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05 Nov

Our sight is our gift

As Helen Keller is quoted, “Alone we can do so little, but together we can achieve so much”.  The team that cares for your health, ...
20 Jun

The Gift of Sight

Under the auspices of the Ophthalmic Society of South Africa (OSSA) all five eye specialists based at the Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital assist community members who ...
28 Mar

The Importance of Eye Protection

It is extremely important to protect your eyes with safety glasses while doing the following:brush cutting, grinding, hammering metal, chopping wood.  Dr. Enslin Uys, one ...
20 Mar

You Are Our Number One

Jubilation was in the air as our team celebrated our first birthday. A year ago, we opened our doors aiming to become a leading provider ...
24 Aug

What is a vitrectomy?

A vitrectomy is a highly specialised surgical procedure where the vitreous humour is removed from the eye. The vitreous humour fills the back four-fifths of ...