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The Importance of Eye Protection

The Importance of Eye Protection

It is extremely important to protect your eyes with safety glasses while doing the following:brush cutting, grinding, hammering metal, chopping wood. 

Dr. Enslin Uys, one of the ophthalmologists operating and practicing from our hospital, shared a recent case study with us in order to try and raise awareness for the need to protect your eyes, whether in the workplace or around the home.

The patient was hammering a metal bearing when a small piece of metal sheared off lodging itself into the eye. The x-rays indicated a small piece of metal had gone straight through the cornea, lens and then damaged the retina (the back of eye). This patient was extremely lucky and will regain vision, not 100% though. 

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of PROTECTING YOUR EYES. Safety glasses like the ones we have included in the gallery are available from most hardware shops from as little as R80 РR150. We believe this is a great investment indeed

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