We are open for eye emergencies - Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital

We are open for eye emergencies

We are open for eye emergencies

These are unprecedented times and we, like every individual and service in South Africa, are adapting to this new dynamic. Our team has weighed up all the information available and believe our decision takes cognisance of these circumstances as well as being in the best interests of all concerned: our patients, our professional team and the community at large.

All elective procedures booked at the Hospital will be postponed until further notice, and the Doctor’s administrative team will contact you to discuss arrangements. We understand this is distressing for patients and that it has a direct impact on their lives. We empathise with those affected but we consider the holistic safety of patients, their families and our community as paramount. We also believe this will alleviate some of the pressure being applied to the healthcare industry as they prioritise the distribution and use of medical supplies to ensure they are available where they are needed most.

During this time, we are still available to answer any questions you may have.  Should you like to get in touch, please do so through any of the following platforms:

In addition, our doctors can be contacted directly on their office and cell numbers.

OSSA (The Ophthalmology Society of South Africa) supports our undertaking of both urgent and emergency procedures during the lockdown period and our team is on call to assist in these instances. 

Our medical emergency contact number will be in operation throughout this period. The resident ophthalmologist on call is available and can be contacted on 033 812 2300.

We maintain the utmost respect for human life and appreciate the decision made by President Ramaphosa to protect every South African life. We will continue to share information on our website and Facebook about eye health and urgent and emergency eye conditions. Please follow us to stay up to date. 

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