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Protect the windows to your soul, look after yourself – you’re worth it!

Protect the windows to your soul, look after yourself – you’re worth it!

Your age does not determine your value, does not determine your knowledge, nor remove your right to information and choice. Instead, your knowledge, influence, experience, and values will determine the quality of your life.

75% of all cases of blindness are avoidable, through prevention or treatment, which is why learning about how to care for your eyes and making time to prevent what you can is so important.

Self-care includes protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays by using UV A & B filtering sunglasses and wearing wide-brimmed sunhats (CANSA approved are best!). These measures slow the formation of cataracts and pterygiums. 

Beyond self-care, your optometrist plays a critical role in assessing your eyes to identify any changes or progression of conditions. Sticking with a healthcare professional you trust is particularly important for continuity of care so that they can compare your eyes to previous examination findings. 

Technologies have developed to compensate for our vision changing with age. Smartphones, for example, have a range of settings including adjustable font size for easy reading, and a torch for low light conditions. Similarly, eye care technology and surgical procedures have vastly improved and expanded. There is so much more we can diagnose and treat now. 

Contact the Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital if you have any questions or would like guidance. If you experience any of the following: vision loss, altered eye movements, eye pain, visual field loss, or a bulging eye, contact an ophthalmologist or call Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital for advice. 

General well being and quality of life is maintained when you embrace the tools and use the resources that are available to keep safe, keep active and live life to the fullest.

Written by Pietermaritzburg Eye Hospital Manager, Allison Deysel and originally featured in the special health supplement edition of Village Talk

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