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You Are Our Number One

You Are Our Number One

Jubilation was in the air as our team celebrated our first birthday. A year ago, we opened our doors aiming to become a leading provider of eye health services in KwaZulu-Natal. Back by five of Pietermaritzburg’s top ophthalmologists, our 72 people hospital team have since touched 1445 lives and have performed 2261 procedures creating a dedicated centre of excellence for ophthalmic care.

Allison Deysel, hospital manager, remarked “Each person who steps inside our hospital is put first, we take the time to see them and their needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of medical and surgical care and, on our birthday, we took a break to celebrate the amazing job they have done and continue to do.”

We marked this momentous occasion with a team celebratory high tea at the beginning of March. Dressed to match the theme, the team was full of jubilation as the highlights of the past 12 months were presented by hospital manager, Allison Deysel. She recognised in her presentation the contribution each team member has made in creating the success the hospital is enjoying as well as the success of the environmental program. 64.9% of our general waste is recycled through the Don’t Waste recycling village which equates to 58 trees being saved through that recycling – in just a year! She went onto remark  “We also recognise the importance of the community around us and how improving and maintaining vision changes live. Through the ‘Right to Sight” initiative we have been able to operate on 24 patients free of charge.”

The reception area buzzed with chatter, laughter and camera flashes as all the teams mingled and celebrated. Dr Uys, one of the ophthalmologists operating and practicing from the hospital, remarked “The future is bright as we remain at the cutting edge of ophthalmic developments and we look forward to another exciting year ahead.

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